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Blind Loyalty 
101 loyalty concepts radically simplified

Blind Loyalty Book Cover.png

This book is a must–read for every business professional.  This book radically simplifies the complex industry of customer loyalty.


Amanda Cromhout is one of the most experienced strategic and marketing minds in the loyalty industry. Recognised as International Loyalty Personality of the Year, she breaks down the complexity of 101 loyalty concepts in Blind Loyalty. Blind Loyalty walks you through five sections: 1. loyalty strategy and data; 2. loyalty programme design; 3. industry excellence; 4. launching and managing a loyalty programme; and 5. concluding thoughts.


“I have wanted to write a book about loyalty for a while now, but just couldn’t find the right angle to differentiate it in any way. In 2022, I was struck by a terrifying eye condition which left me blind in my right eye and in extreme pain for three months. Ironically, the vision for writing Blind Loyalty came to me there and then, out of my blindness.

Everything in life needs simplifying. I have committed to writing this book to radically simplify the complexity of loyalty. At my loyalty consultancy firm, Truth, we work tirelessly at simplifying everything for our clients and they say they love our unpretentious and direct approach. We are in an age where very few have the attention span of more than a swipe of a social media page. So, the idea of two pages per concept – simple and compelling – means even the most distracted may wish to demystify a loyalty concept or two.


All profits generated through Blind Loyalty will go directly to The Blind Loyalty Trust, to help others who may endure the same terrifying condition as I did in 2022 but be unable to afford the required healthcare to save their eye.” – Amanda Cromhout, author

“I loved the format and comprehensive nature of Blind Loyalty. In an industry full of jargon, Amanda does an admirable job of explaining the principles and subtleties of the loyalty business. Blind Loyalty is a great reference and check point for any loyalty professional.” – Bryan Pearson, Former CEO of LoyaltyOne and AirMiles Canada.


“One of the most important topics for any consumer business right now is loyalty and how to navigate it – it’s also complex and multi-faceted. When you face so many choices, it pays to have the best guide available: this is where Amanda excels. Blind Loyalty is an outstanding playbook, for both old and new professionals across the loyalty landscape.” – Rob McDonald, Chief Commercial Officer, IAG Loyalty

“I honestly wish I’d had this book on day one of my career. If you want your loyalty programme to achieve its extraordinary potential, this book is your perfect partner!” – Paula Thomas, Founder  and CEO Let’s Talk Loyalty


“Amanda's deep understanding of loyalty programmes globally puts her at the nexus of some of the most creative and successful offerings in the world. This book provides a window into a world that to most of us is as complex as it is confounding. Blind Loyalty will help you think differently about how best to engage your customer and keep them hooked.” – Bruce Whitfield, South Africa’s leading business journalist, author and broadcaster

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