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How to support


All donations can be received directly into The Blind Loyalty Trust bank account by EFT. Please click here for bank details.

Alternatively, you can also donate to the trust by clicking on the button above. 

redemption partner.jpg
Become a points into charity redemption partner 

Empower your customers to donate their loyalty points to Blind Loyalty......... It's so easy yet makes a huge impact. 

sell bracelets.jpg
Sell bracelets 

Sell these beautiful Blind Loyalty bracelets in your store. 

Each bracelet sold contributes to the trust. 

buy bracelets.jpg
Purchase bracelets

Whether you are celebrating a loyalty milestone, managing a conference or simply giving staff or clients a gift, the Blind Loyalty Relate co-branded bracelet is a perfect solution and each bracelet sold contributes to the trust. 

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